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Ring, Necklaces, Braid
  • Karat Gold 24K gold is called pure gold or fine gold. (99.99% pure) The color of fine gold is a bright yellow with a bit of orange. Some say it is too soft for jewelry application, but high karat gold is commonly worn in some parts of the world, and it is growing in popularity in designer jewelry. Most will prefer karat golds for their engagement rings, because of the needed hardness to hold a gemstone.
  • Gold Colors The most popular color is yellow which is made by adding silver and some copper. The metals are melted together to form an alloy of the desired color and karat. It is very important that all the ingredients are pure and that the amounts of each are weighed very accurately to prevent porosity, which weakens the alloy.
  • White alloys There are two kinds of White Gold: Nickel based and Palladium based. Some people are allergic to Nickel, so Palladium white gold is a good alternative. Palladium white gold is the only legal alloy in Europe. It also self burnishes and keeps a polish.
  • The Most Expensive Diamond Color D colored diamonds are the rarest and most expensive of diamonds within the D-Z scale. Certain fancy colored diamonds will command the highest prices overall, and these will be discussed in separate tutorial. Many people enjoy diamonds in the near colorless range G-J, as they find a balance of size, clarity, and price to meet their needs.
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